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6 of the Most Significant Moments in Charmed


The original Charmed was one of the best series of the 2000s. The story follows three witch sisters who fight evil supernatural beings. While each moment of the show was terrific, some moments were more outstanding than others. These are the moments that kept viewers shocked, saddened, or excited. Get to see six of the most important moments during the show’s eight seasons.

Prue’s Death

This is one of the saddest moments in all Charmed episodes, if not the most tragic. In season three, Halliwell Manor experienced its first massive loss. Prue, the older sibling, died as she saved Piper’s life.

As showrunner Brad Kern explained, initially, her character wasn’t supposed to die. Producers were thinking of recasting her role. But after some back and forth, they decided to kill her off, which left some wounds in fans of the show. In other news, it was reported that a prominent radio personality passed away yesterday.

The Beginning of Piper’s and Leo’s Relationship

The dating life of a witch can be difficult. There aren’t many supernatural people to partner with, and dating a human opens a door of complications. When Piper finally decided to put the moves on Leo, fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Although the relationship was forbidden as Leo was a Whitelighter, they eventually dated and married.

Piper and Leo’s Wedding

Piper and Leo were the main lovebirds in Charmed, and fans couldn’t wait for their scenes. And while their relationship faced many ups and downs, their big day was a memorable moment in the show. Even their wedding has mishaps, but according to Charmed cast members, that’s what made the show entertaining.

Witch Trials

During the witch trials, the three sisters learned that great power comes with great responsibility. As the Book of shadows orders, the sisters weren’t supposed to use their powers for their personal benefit. However, they didn’t shy away from testing the waters, and in a premonition, they got to see what happened when they did that. Phoebe sees herself in the future in a trial where she’s about to get burnt for using her powers for personal gain. Although this is a vision, it helps the sisters understand the consequences of breaking the rules.

The Sisters Going Back to the 70s

Time travel is one of the core elements Charmed played around with. This isn’t unusual with supernatural TV shows. In the seventies, the sisters were still young, and their mum was alive. It was an emotional moment with the sisters getting to see their younger selves.

Phoebe Riding Her Broomstick

There’s nothing strange about a witch riding a broomstick. After all, this is a practice associated with witches and wizards. However, Charmed was keen not to incorporate the cliches about witches into the show. In fact, sisters led normal lives with jobs and school. But in this episode, as the sisters celebrate a Witchy holiday by dressing up, they’re transported to the 1600s, where fans get to see Phoebe riding a broomstick and flying across the moon.

Charmed had uncountable memorable moments. These are just a few of those moments that viewers couldn’t stop talking about or smiling about.

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