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Are You Paying Over The Odds For Business Electricity?


Judging by the recent comments attributed to the Prime Minister about forcing energy companies to tell customers about the lowest price tariff available, sourcing the cheapest energy deals is anything but easy. However, rather than hold your breath for the government to do anything or the energy companies to willingly advise of their lowest tariffs, why not start your mission to find the lowest business energy tariffs today.

Procrastinate no longer and don’t hold your breath

Although the energy companies have a legal obligation to help customers reduce their energy consumption and improve efficiency, they do not have a legal obligation to inform current or potential customers of the lowest price tariffs. Each of the energy companies has published business electricity rates on their websites, but they would prefer you did not know too much about it.

Now by way of price comparison websites and advice websites you can now make an informed decision on how to get the best business electricity rates and where to go to get them. Locating the best rate to pay for energy according to your usage and business type is as simple as entering a few digits into a text box on a web form.

Three simple steps to energy efficiency

Step one is to walk (or run) to your electricity meter. As you shouldn’t run in the workplace my advice is to take a casual walk and enjoy the scenery on the way.

Step two is to write down the reading on the meter, and then take a nice gentle stroll back to your office, sitting down at your desk for the third and final step in the process.

Step three is to navigate your way to the text box on the Advice Line webpage, enter in the numbers in the same order you have written them down and click on the ‘compare prices’ button.

Didn’t I say it was simple?

All you then have to do is compare the five best prices and tariffs returned on your screen based on your current business standing, and choose which one you want to switch to. The switch over process is simple and you don’t have to do anything; in fact, you’ll not even notice a change has taken place other than when you start paying reduced energy bills.

Remember your personal and business circumstances are similar but unique to other business consumers, and what may apply to you may not apply to your business neighbour along the road. As we enter in to the coldest period of the year and news keeps coming in of energy companies about to increase rates (yet again) the least you can do is to search for a better energy tariff which suits your current business energy usage.

There is no disruption of supply and you won’t even have anyone come to your premises to change anything; it really is that simple and at the end of it you benefit from reduced costs for a fixed period of time.

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