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IPhone Apps To Help You Increase Your Energy Efficiency


If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably downloaded a number of applications. From entertainment, to booking your taxi to finding out the weather, there are applications for just about everything. And if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the cost of your energy, there are apps for that too. Below is a collection of apps designed to educate and help you achieve energy efficiency.


Cost – Free

If you’ve considered switching to green energy or using some green energy powered hot water systems in your home but haven’t been sure what cost and energy efficiencies they would provide, then this app is for you. SuperGreen is free, and allows you to roughly calculate the payback, dollar savings and carbon emission savings if you were to install and use a solar power, wind power or solar hot water unit. This great app makes it easy for you to decide which green power is the right one for you. It’s free – so why not try it?


Cost – Free

We all have an environmental footprint. But how big is that footprint? CommuteGreener! has a number of inbuilt features to help you figure it out. You can measure your carbon emissions on your daily commute, set targets for reducing your carbon footprint and share your experiences, tips and successes in an online community. It’s a simple and easy way to make a difference and alter your energy use on a personal level, and a great reminder that everyone has a part to play in reducing our energy consumption and collective emissions.


Cost – $0.99

GreenTips is an adult and children friendly app that gives advice on being ‘green’ from an economical and environmental perspective. From advice for teaching your children good energy and environmentally friendly practices to tips on being a green pet owner, it’s a great guide to always have on hand and brush up your knowledge and skills on how to live more energy and cost efficiently.


Cost – Free

Configured especially for the Australian market, this app calculates the estimated running cost of an appliance based on current electricity prices, the efficiency features of the appliance and how that appliance is generally used. This is a great application to have on hand when choosing or investigating new appliances, as it allows you to make informed and energy conscious decisions when you invest in new appliances.

There are a number of tools and services to help Australians on their journey to becoming more energy efficient and understand the way we use energy. Victoria, NSW and all other Australian states have different energy costs and energy suppliers, but all Australians can use tools such as the iPhone apps listed above to help them become more informed and reduce both their carbon footprint and the cost of their energy use.

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