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Learn How To Price Bids For Commercial Construction Jobs


You must always be informative to your client regardless if it cost you the job. Give the client all information to be able to get in touch with sub-contractor to be able to get price for all gadgets and items they want.

Few Steps you must follow to place best bid on Commercial Construction:

  1. Make sure you calculate at least ten percent over to cover for overage and you should add a little to have estimated amount you will make.
  2. Have a list of what all to do and a list for what all different kinds of material and tools needed. Map out where everything need to be put ask if there anything else they may want done.
  3. If you notice anything that need to be changed or is getting ready to go out bring to the building owners.
  4. Make sure they know everything your doing no matter how little you think it is. If there any electrical work needed to be done make sure they know they will need a license electrician to check it all and may need audit done to make sure it all up to code.
  5. After you know what all they want done you should know how fast you can work and add up your and any help time make sure you can have everything delivery and on time.

  6. When you know how long it will take make sure to give yourself same lead way, if you get done on time you look even better. Think of some kind of deal to sweeten the pot for them like for every day you go over the estimate you will take off ten percent of the total bill of labor.
  7. Make sure to look around the construction site to check for any kind of structures that may be in the way any if there any other work you need to add in the estimate.
  8. You should check around on prices for the sub contractors for any work that you would, that you may want some need help with to try to get the best deal. Total all the contents together to find your estimate cost for you bid. Make sure your included a big enough overage to cover for anything that might happen.
  9. You should include a cover letter with your bid. To give the client a detailed list of what you are including in your bid. Make sure to send it before the deadline for the job. Give the home owners you total price and tell them how long it will take you to get the job done and include a list with what you are willing to do at the same time.
  10. If you don’t have any plans yet make sure you ask for what exactly they will want done and see if you might be able to get the blue prints.

Give them your info of what your talents are how long you have been doing this kind of work give them a list of references. If you offer any give them a list of what all and what kind of discount you do offer. Give them a list of the entire name and phone numbers of all the sub contractors you are willing to refer for what other kind of work they want done. Include one of your business card with your bid. Make sure you have made your plans out for everything if you forget to add something in your estimate it can get to cost you a lot very fast be for you will know it your profits are all gone.

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