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The Best Travel Destinations For Food Bloggers


If you have only got into food blogging fairly recently, there is a good chance that you have been writing lots of reviews and opinions featuring your local restaurants. This is a brilliant place to start of course, but in time you’ll find that you’ll want to broaden your horizons and treat yourself to some authentic cuisines overseas!

This is when blogging about food becomes really exciting; you get to submerge yourself into the culture which surely affects how you appreciate the flavours and the ingredients. And you will get to do many diverse pieces in a short amount of time; you will write about street eats, cafe grub and gourmet dinners – but the big question is where you should go. Here are just a few places that would make any food blogger happy:

Paris, France

Ah, the sweet smells of crepes and macarons – Paris is surely one of the most easily accessible places abroad for UK bloggers to enjoy. Simply get on the Eurostar or board a plane and soon enough you will be in the land of frites, frogs and flambé’. Every mealtime is an adventure in the French capital, so you won’t be disappointed whether you’re out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take loads of photos and you will have plenty of material to work with when you are able to get online to update your blog.

Marrakech, Morocco

For a completely different taste sensation, Marrakech might be just what you are after. It is all about spices, flavours and seasoning combined with simple ingredients including meat, fish and vegetarian options. You will be able to wander the streets on the hunt for food cooked at stalls in the ancient squares; you won’t be able to resist when you smell the amazing aromas. There are also some high class restaurants where you will be able to discover a true tagine made with lamb or chicken. It is a good idea to look for hotels and riads in Marrakech that have Wi-Fi so you can get online to share your adventure.

Rome, Italy

Pizza, pasta, gelato and olives – need we say more? Get up close and personal with the simple flavours and tastes of Italy in the beautiful city of Rome. It will amaze you how many hidden gems there are in a location like this, all you need to do is wander down the alleys away from the major tourist attractions. The best thing to do is to find an apartment in one of the amazing food quarters and you will be able to try things as and when you get hungry. Don’t pass up the opportunity to taste a few local wines as well as they are simply stunning.

San Antonio, Texas

Finally, if you want to add a little spice to your life, try San Antonio in Texas for size. Here you will find the self-professed capital of Tex Mex cuisine, and wow does it pack a punch! One night you could chow down on some quesadillas, and the next you might have the most mouth-watering ribs covered in a smoky glaze. You will probably want to keep coming back for more as no Tex Mex will ever taste quite so authentic after a trip to San Antonio!

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