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Best Tips For Finding Places For Proposals


If you are contemplating the possibility of buying that engagement ring and proposing to your beloved, or if you are happily married and want to show your spouse how much you love her, or him, then here are a few ideas of where might be the most romantic place to either make that proposition or show your other half that time has not dimmed the light of your love or reduced the depth of feeling that you had when you married.

Even if you are neither married nor thinking of any legal knot tying but sincerely in love and keen to let your partner know how you feel, getting away for a while together in an impressively romantic place would surely send the required message in a way that could not be misunderstood. You don’t necessarily need a whole week for such a moment. So if different work schedules don’t allow a week off at the same time, just wait for the next long weekend. Make sure that nothing else has been planned, and surprise the one you love with a trip of a lifetime. Look for the best holiday deals and head off to destinations where love and romance bloom. So where are the most romantic getaway locations?

  • The tropics, with hot passionate nights and juicy fruits galore?
  • The Mediterranean, with all its delicious local foods?
  • The cool, clean air and fun of a small skiing resort?
  • The solitude and serenity of a lakeside cabin?

The Heat of the Moment

What could be more romantic than a candle lit dinner in a wooden restaurant at the top of a white sand beach, followed by a walk down to the water and along the beach, hand in hand with the waves gently lapping around your bare feet? Can you imagine a better moment to offer that engagement ring? Eat breakfast in a deck chair under a palm tree by the beach and you will know how best to enjoy a freshly picked tropical fruit salad.

If you want to go west, the Caribbean and Mexico offer some tremendously romantic resorts where your every desire can be catered for. If you would rather go east, try the Orient. The south of Thailand, for example, boasts a multitude of beach resorts ranging from the big and entertaining to the small, quiet and very romantic, especially on the islands both in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It’s also a bit less expensive than the Western world.

However, if you fancy escaping the winter blues but the tropics are a bit too hot for your liking, what about the water between Europe and Africa? Many of the Greek islands have some lovely little old towns overlooking quiet beaches with tourist accommodation but few of the commercial trappings of so many other resorts. The famous Italian boot has a long coastline and plenty of seaside resorts, everything from the classical history of Venice to some much more modern resorts on the other side of the peninsula.

Further along the European coast you will find the South of France and the French have a reputation for being romantic. So those resorts must be strong candidates for the “most romantic getaway” award. The string of Mediterranean resorts goes on around Spain and do not forget the lovely country of Portugal. It’s not quite Mediterranean but it shares the same climate and there are some truly lovely, charming, and historical towns along that stretch of the Atlantic coast. It is less commercially developed than its neighbor, but if you are looking for the right place to pop the big question, then that may be a point in its favour. If you want more tips and tricks about finding the best place for events, then visit this website https://manarax.com/ for further details.

Cooler or More Serene Alternatives

If you and your chosen one both enjoy skiing or both like the cold, then head out to skiing resorts around the world. Standing on top of a mountain, and feeling on top of the world, might be another good place and time to pop the question. Check out the Canadian Rocky Mountains for example. British Columbia is more beautiful than anywhere that is still British. And also among mountains there are some lakeside cabins available as holiday accommodation for those who appreciate a bit of solitude. Now if you and your partner are a couple of party animals then this is not for you, but if you are really in love and don’t need anybody else then a log cabin away from civilization is what you need.

Wherever you decide to travel, you can check out the best holiday deals so you can go to that dream destination to show your partner how much she means to you.

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