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Top 7 Steps To Finding The Right Apartment For Rent


Finding an apartment to rent can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be nerve-racking at times. Before you decide on a place and sign the contract, it is crucial to know what factors to consider in order to get the best possible deal. That said, here are my top 7 steps to successfully finding the perfect Apartment for rent.

#1. Do Your Research

Do your homework and inquire from newspaper classifieds or local bulletin boards for available units in the location you want to rent an apartment at. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Internet as well. Today, there are a good number of websites that can point you directly to any apartment for rent in different vicinities.

#2. Set a Budget

Second, ask yourself this question: “How much can you afford?” Ideally, you shouldn’t pay more than 25% of your monthly take-home pay for an apartment. In addition, always ask if the utilities are included in the monthly rent. Determine how much you can afford to spend and narrow your search accordingly.

#3. Check Out the Vicinity

One of the most important factors you shouldn’t miss when looking for an apartment is safety in the neighborhood. Check out the area where the building is located preferably at different hours during the day and at night. Aside from making sure the place is a safe place to live in, you would also want to make sure you don’t have next-door neighbors who don’t care how loud their radio speakers are. Moreover, check out whether the location of the apartment is convenient. Is it near your workplace? How about the hospital or the church and grocery store?

#4. Check for Amenities

Check the place and see whether important amenities like laundry facilities, a gym, and parking are available. These things may not seem to be a big deal at first, but they are actually very important factors especially in the long run.

#5. Inspect the Apartment

Inspect the property and check for items and utilities that need to be fixed. If possible, take pictures of the damages you find. Doing this will prevent you from being charged for damages you did not cause. Check the place whether it has a fire escape as well or any possible entrances where burglars can easily break in to.

#6. Negotiate the Price

Be aware that you are in the position to negotiate the price of the apartment. You may be surprised, but some property owners do offer substantial discounts if you ask.

#7. Read the Contract Carefully

You don’t want to shell out your money until you have read the contract carefully. If possible, take the contract home with you and carefully check the details. Make sure you agree with everything that’s written in the lease. If you have any doubts, see to it that those elements are addressed by the property owner before you sign the contract.

Once you have signed the contract, do a final inspection of the apartment before finally moving in. Keep these 7 tips in mind the next time you plan to look for a new apartment for rent and you will definitely find one that will meet your requirements.

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